The Self Directed Services (SDS) Program, with the Clinton County Advocacy & Resource Center as its fiscal intermediary, allows individuals with disabilities to design and manage their own service plan. If you have been directed to visit this page, you have been chosen by an individual and/or their family to provide support in accomplishing their goals. We have constructed orientation and refresher staff training programs in order to help you better serve that individual and their family.

Please click on the appropriate link below to complete your SDS training. The first link is to be utilized by SDS employees that are just beginning to work within the SDS program. The second link is for those that have completed the initial training and are now being asked to complete our refresher training program.

Below, you will also find a “Training Manual Acknowledgement” for both the initial and refresher trainings. Please view the links in the presentations and check each topic off on your sheet indicating that you have reviewed and completed the topic as requested.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: Jesse Frenyea or the Human Resources Department at (518) 563-0930. Thank you!!