Respite Services are designed to provide temporary relief for families or other caregivers of individuals with developmental disabilities. Respite provides a fun and activity filled weekend for the guests that attend.

Located at 2053 Military Turnpike and 14 Salmon River Road in Plattsburgh, the Respite Homes offer families a supervised setting for their loved ones to spend the weekend while giving the primary caregiver a "respite" or break from the daily responsibilities. Open every weekend, the Respite Homes offer a chance for individuals to spend time with people of similar age and interests, while participating in fun, meaningful recreational and social activities. The Respite Home, located at 2053 Military Turnpike, has a heated in ground pool for the guests to utilize in the summer and is staffed with a certified lifeguard. The home can accommodate up to five overnight guests each weekend. The home located at 14 Salmon River Road can accommodate up to seven overnight guests each weekend.


Respite staff are highly trained professionals who participate in approximately 100 hours of paid training. The curriculum focus is on providing staff with training to ensure they have the ability to promote individual health and safety, consumer care and overall quality services in various settings. Ongoing training is provided to maintain proficiency as well as to present new techniques and skills that enhance employee performance. The role of the Respite staff is to assist in the smooth operation of the home, to ensure the home is neat and clean in appearance both inside and outside, to ensure that individuals needs are being met and to ensure a weekend of fun and entertaining activities are provided while ensuring each individuals safety and well being.



Respite services are available to any person, three years old and older, who is diagnosed with a developmental disability and determined to be eligible for OPWDD services. The individual's primary residence must be with the natural family, legal guardian or advocate. Individuals must also be a resident of Clinton, Franklin, Essex, Jefferson or St. Lawrence Counties. This service can be accessed by completing a referral packet and application. Cost:  None to Medicaid eligible individuals.





Christina Garrow, Director


E-mail: [email protected]